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free mobile antivirus

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  • LabMSF Mobile Security Platform

    Mobile devices should make our work and entertainment easier, not more complicated. To achieve this, you need an easy, safe and secure solution to integrate and manage all other products of LabMSF – especially taking into consideration the fact, that the family of our products is constantly growing.

  • LabMSF AntiVirus

    LabMSF Antivirus is a Mobile antivirus software with built-in scanner, viruses database with updating mechanisms and comfortable easy to use user interface. LabMSF AntiVirus protects mobile devices from different kind of malware (such as viruses, trojans etc.)

  • Autorisation LabMSF

    As a computer user you take advantage of authorization every day. Everytime you log in your email account, transfer money via Internet banking or take advantage of Internet shopping, you have to confirm your identity to make sure that the action taken by you  is safe. Now it is high time to introduce authorization into the mobile world as well.

Why LabMSF AntiVirus

  • Does not slown down your mobile device

    LabMSF Antivirus uses only a little part of the memory of your smartphone or tablet, so it does not affect its speed.

  • Simplicity of usage

    LabMSF Antivirus is an extremely easy to use application, which does not not cause any problems even to the users, who are still learning how to operate on their smartphones.

  • Customized functions

    on-access scan, quick scan or detailed scan, scheduled scan, different scan ranges.

  • Transparent operation

    The application runs in the background while you use your device.

  • Up-to-date protection against any kind of malware

    - LabMSF Antivirus keeps your smartphone safe and secure, so you can focus on your business or entertainment without wondering about dangers caused by mobile Internet

  • Automatic updates

    The application automatically downloads regular updates to keep your device protected from the latest viruses and security threats.

  • Mobile Antyvirus

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